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Filipino Girls Dating Guide

Filipino Girls dating and marriage at FilipinoDatingMallWho doesn’t want to date Filipino girls? The dark haired, tan skinned exotic beauties are downright irresistible. On our website, meeting and building relationships with women from the island country is super simple and you automatically know that they are available since they’re on the site! After meeting someone you really like, the next step is impressing her. Whether you are only communicating on or you’ve decided to meet her in person, check out the Filipino girls dating guide below. 

Consider Their Shyness 

Those who have spent most of their life dating more outspoken, outgoing Western women will certainly be surprised by the shyness of most Filipinas. This shyness is largely due to their religion. Catholicism encourages women to be conservative but a very loving, understanding and kind nature accompanies that conservation.


Dating Filipino girls is the exact opposite of Western dating where hookups and one nighters are a regular occurrence. The man is expected to woo a woman in order to court her. This courting phase is called panliligaw. If you ever decide to head over to the Philippines to meet your lady friend, expect to court her at her family home. Traditionally, men bring flowers for their love interest, the woman introduces him to her parents as well as any other family present and spend time in the home talking to the girl while her family listens. Yeah, it sounds pretty nerve racking but it is tradition.

Affection is Crucial

Filipino girls dating requires some effort in the affection department. When corresponding online, shower her with attention as often as you can and use your creativity to express your romantic feelings. As for when the two of you are face to face, anything from a kiss on the cheek, the hand, a warm embrace or other affectionate gesture will start building the intimacy required in every healthy relationship. 
Lastly, remember to be kind and sensitive when dating a woman from the Philippines. As discussed, they are shy and radiate a very nervous energy so put them at ease to get them to warm up to you. A gorgeous lady is worth some patience.


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