Filipina women vs Russian women: take your decision

Filipina women vs Russian women: take your decision

When did Asian and Russian brides become available?

Since Filipina women and Russian women are equally popular among western men, they are often compared. But there is a big difference between them, and all the pre-history of their attractiveness.
As you probably know, Filipina women used to be so-called war brides for American soldiers during the World War 2. It has been a mass phenomenon and involved thousands of women.
Not all of them became official wives, although most of them wanted to. Women were interested in leaving their poor and devastated country, while men were interested in hookups.
In any case, that is since when we know about Filipina women beauty, and keep on desiring them. Affairs with Americans are well remembered in the Philippines too, and people got used to that.
Let’s say it all started even earlier, since even in late 1800s it was common for western men already to search for an Asian wife through churches and newspapers.
While Asian women, including Filipina women, mostly widows and caring mothers of non-married girls, were sending pictures back to such self-advertised single men.
Since the alliance with a westerner, even a temporary one, brings to a certain improvement of life, Filipino parents are greatly welcoming the idea of the acquaintance, and prepare their daughters.
You will say how Filipino men react on his typical social situation? Be surprised: although the majority of them are pissed off, at least a quarter of them turned into ladyboys to have their piece of pie.
It’s also a historical phenomenon that is rooted in pre-Christian beliefs and some genetic heritage, but it takes place in a today reality indeed and some westerners prefer this kind.
Now it’s obvious that Russian beauties became available for western singles much later. It basically happened when the term mail-order-brides appeared, along with first Russian dating sites.
It was in 1990s, after the failure of Soviet system, and men from the US, UK, Canada, Australia were happy to get access to the world-famous beauties with great classical values.

Are Filipina women and Russian women materialistic?

It’s common today to be careful with corresponding and travelling because of some legendary gold diggers that are born on this Earth to keep men in fear. Is everything that bad?
Both Russian and Filipina women strongly believe in the institute of marriage and do not imagine their life without a husband and kids. It should be understood before we analyse further.
Both nationalities can rarely succeed with their local men who have too many bad habits and do not earn enough. So, they put big hopes on foreign pretenders and want to build a family.
about Filipina women beauty
If to let them know you are serious and family-oriented too, they will treat you much more fair and with all possible respect, not only you but your budget as well. They’ll know it’s for the future.
There was a story of a Russian girl who grew in a miserable family, they had a small, non-profitable business and were selling water pipes. Then she met her Mr. Right from Switzerland.
She didn’t want to lose his attention all at once, so she was extremely careful and respectful. She wasn’t naughty, greedy, or cheap in any other way. She kindly asked not to buy her gifts.
Amazed by her attitude, he eventually married her, and she is his modest, devoted, yet gorgeous assistant for 10 years now, both in his business and in personal life.
There is also a Filipina whose video on Youtube went viral, she is addressing all Filipino brides and single western men in it. Her message is very strong and touching.
She explains that all Filipina girls need is a good loving partner who would stay with them through the years, and they are ready to sacrifice other sides of their life just to remain grateful.
Most of the stories about golddigging one hears about Filipinas, are connected with the girls’ relatives who don’t care about a couple, only about their problems a western man could cover.
A girl in the video insisted that two partners should focus on each other and their own needs or wants, instead of being too soft-hearted and sponsoring numerous relatives endlessly.
When this healthy distance is created, no one bothers them anymore and a Filipina can finally show her commitment and ability to work as hard as her man does, only for their own sake.
Now we see decent girls’ position in Russia and the Philippines. But when the same girls see a man wants casual sex only, they naturally change their attitude and become consumers as well.
Their philosophy would be different if they were from some highly developed European country, had big salaries, limitless opportunities, and could afford equal relationship.
But in their current social conditions, they certainly tend to be a kind of sugar babies or, at times, trophy wives. It’s also their patriarchal mentality that sees a man as a main provider.
As we can see from the examples above, both Russian and Filipino women don’t mind to keep on working after relocating to a man, as more as these new job opportunities are often better.

Location advantages of Russia and the Philippines

Some men have doubts whether they should travel to Russia for visiting a girl or not, due to its very cold climate. For this reason, Russia isn’t people’s favourite destination.
Of course, this fear is exaggerated a bit, since Russia is only cold through the winter and there is desirable Sochi on the south of the country, a beautiful sea resort with a modern architecture.
For sure, even Sochi cannot be compared to stunning and inexpensive beaches of the Philippines, although it’s so majestic and legendary after Olympic games of a year 2007.
One may also encounter some kind of mafia, or criminal chains in Sochi since it’s unavoidable in a highly commercial city. Angeles in the Philippines is way safer.
Climate and potential danger aren’t only problems of Russian dating, it’s also knowingly far away and expensive to fly there. While the Philippines are on a shorter distance especially for Australians.
It’s not a secret that hundreds or even thousands of westerners chose to spend their retired years in Cebu or Davao as life is quite cheap there and women are nice and welcoming.
Now that we discussed such practical matters, let’s see whether the sweetness of the fruit is worthy of travelling at all, since that is the main factor for making a decision.

Who’s sexier: a Russian girl or a Filipina?

In fact, it’s very hard to compare Russian and Filipina women. They are of different type of appearance and education, and those are important parts of overall sexiness too.
Only some girls in Tatarstan or Bashkortstan, Turk-Asian regions of Russia could be compared to Filipino women physically. Otherwise, these two nationalities look different.
If one if after pale blondes, he goes to date in Russia, but if an Asian type turns him on, he’ll definitely go to the Philippines. Girls are more naive there, in a good way, than in other Asian countries.
They are very smiling, very cute, very friendly, very helpful, and surprisingly, don’t have any harmful or negative stereotypes. They think it’s normal to desire and be desired, even if a man is much older.
In addition, Filipina lovers tend to be submissive and please their partners in a way they are ordered to. They never criticize a man’s physical imperfection, or his low libido if it happens.
They don’t mind to massage a man’s back or do whatever he likes, without demanding any foreplay in return. Filipina girls are naturally passionate even at very young age, so they simply enjoy.
All that sounds fantastic to a man who got tired of western women or Eastern European women with their multiple demands and whims. It’s very relieving to just be a man, a part of nature.
There are no complaints from men that a Filipina often has headache or refuses to have sex, but on the opposite, these women seem to always be interested and give their allowance.
Filipina lovers are highly appreciated for this openness towards their man and shyness with the others, for their commitment to satisfy and bring as much joy to a partner as possible.