Best 3 apps in Filipina and how to use them

How to communicate with Filipino women online?

Cute and sexy Filipina girls spend a lot of time in dating apps, since they focus on finding a reliable man and possible relocation since their youngest years. But they chat online for fun, too.
Even in poor families, an older sister who is already married, lends her phone to single sisters daily to help them find a mate. In big cities, a female worker may also get an office phone.
Since Filipino women are typically calm and a bit childish by nature, they do not find long chats boring, and they’re super happy to use the phone for meeting new people.
Young girls perceive this occupation as the most miraculous thing they could do, since it brings the romantic and promising acquaintances. The majority of women are serious and genuine.
If you still care to spot a gold digger, just act as usually: ask questions, and analyze. A serious girl always tries to investigate whether you are really single, and have place for her in your life.
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While gold diggers only talk money, confuse their biographical facts, and avoid detailed answers. Filipina people are rarely smarter than educated westerners, so you’ll easily notice a fishy user.
Always ask about a girl’s family. It’s pleasant to her, and plays an important role in a communication. At the same time, do not give any big promises if there are problems in a family.
Do not get too naughty or vulgar with a Filipina girl online. Due to their submissive nature, they’ll fulfil your desires anyway, but they like to keep decent verbally, not too straightforward.
Many find this trait especially fascinating and touching since it reminds them of the old-times courtship in the west. It allows a man to feel more masculine as well.

Top 3 apps to meet a Filipina lady

According to their mentality, women in Philippines don’t like dating apps that are too shallow or nearly erotic. They like qualitative chatting in depth, and learning about their match.
Basically, there only a few Asian dating apps Filipina girls really trust to, They normally chose an app that got real success stories, especially if there’s a good example of their close friend.

No. 3. FilipinoCupid

This classical app is very well-known among Filipina women of all generations, and used frequently with big hopes to find a life partner. Girls try to present themselves from the best side.
But since it’s also in great use among Filipino marital agencies, escort girls, and commercially minded ladyboys, one has to be careful and pay attention whom he is corresponding with.
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No. 2. PinaLove

PinaLove is another popular dating app each Filipina knows about. It has considerably fewer options to chose from, but at least there are no intermediaries or commercial folks.
Girls and men love it since it encourages to upload natural, casual photos and doesn’t set additional demands that would make a dating process artificial. True women heterosexuals prevail there.

No. 1. Brilic

Always in a search of reliable men and helpful platforms, Filipina women were immediately taken by this new Asian dating app with very modern features and fascinating design.
It keeps the acquaintance as simple and efficient as it should be, and guarantees men have rather serious intentions since the membership price for them is a bit above average.
Men users from their side, are trying to balance the cost with wider opportunities, such as getting acquainted with a very young girl or asking her parents to host them during the visit.
In any case, lots of success stories are related exactly to Brilic app and it keeps on being rated high. Dating experts called it the leader of Asian dating in 2019, and it promises to skyrocket in 2020.
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Meeting a Filipina girl for the first time

Visiting your Filipina for the first time is such an exciting moment. No matter if you’re deeply in love or just want some hookup experience, your vacation shall be unforgettable.
You probably know that Philippines are quite underdeveloped economically, it affects their conservative views both positively and negatively. They’re surely conservative due to the lack of progress.
But at the same time, their life is often too miserable not to hope for some help from the outside, so they have to give up their old-fashioned principles every now and then.
That’s why parents are never restricting towards their Filipina daughters, they may even help her find a good western man through common friends or by any other means.
That’s also why brothers or uncles are never over-protective or aggressive, on the opposite, they hope to get some help in their business or repair works as well, through their cute female relative.
Filipino dating tutorials are typically teaching to cut these hopes or direct demands from the beginning, since you’re only going to date a Filipino girl, not all her family members.

If one manages to put those healthy barriers and reject any pressure, his experience in the Philippines saves him a lot of money. The girls themselves aren’t too materialistic or greedy.
They are happy with one free meal, even happier with regular meals, and qualitative cosmetic is certainly considered a true luxury by them although they do have jobs, fruity gardens, or little farms.
There are basically two main types of girls and they require different kinds of treatment. Let’s talk about urban girls who have jobs and live separately from parents, and provincial girls.

Urban girls who gained some independence, are still under heavy circumstances, and they normally wouldn’t mind to relocate back to the beach regions or travel the world with their man.
Life in Manila, for instance, is overly busy and unnecessary hard. Crazy traffic jams and slow crowded transport makes office girls and other workers spend many hours uselessly.
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None salary is sufficient for renting an apartment, so the majority of so-called independent young people in fact rent small rooms or even share a room with several mates.
Many Filipino girls are modest and none situations can turn them into gold diggers. They keep on doing their hard work, and tolerating the everyday challenges to be able to pay all bills.
For a western man who is better provided and protected by his society, it comes as a big surprise. Some singles start supporting such girls while others simply take an advantage.

It’s your choice what kind of attitude to apply, but it’s fair not to increase her hardships, at least. Urban girls have a more adaptive mentality and normally speak better English.
Provincial girls are another story. If they’re still under their parents’ w
ings, they’ll most certainly want to be under their man’s wings from now. So it’s a bit like sugar dating.

In other cases, they remain closely connected to their families even after the relationship started, so if you plan a long-term deal, better start building a healthy distance from the start.

Usually, it’s easy to start dating a provincial Filipina by asking her parents and presenting them some delicacies they cannot buy by themselves, and/or souvenirs from your country.
There are also cases when traditions aren’t kept at all and girls’ relatives easily bless the relationship just because a man comes from abroad and it brings a certain hope for a better future.

Men who want to be loved for who they are not for what they have, must understand these two factors are inseparable in Filipina’s eyes. From the ancient times, they used to rely on a man.
Good news is that they are devoted to their partner, doesn’t matter how much he brings to a family budget. Even if he is currently jobless, girls will do their best to struggle and find solutions.
In general, all western men report Filipina women are the easiest to date and hookup among all Asian countries, it is relaxing, it doesn’t demand extra efforts, and it can last as long as you want.